Screen Production

In the screen production, LRC uses SwissQprint imported UV printer from Switzerland. In addition to printing on flat plates and rolls, it can also print on special materials such as acrylic, PVC, textiles, and glass. Its installed configuration and powerful performance greatly enhance the applicability of the printer, thereby meeting customer requirements for special materials.

LRC provides light box picture production for sports brand customers, with perfect details, accurate colors, and the picture has a sense of impact and expressiveness. In the window design, a unified visual signal is used to convey a new brand image to consumers.

Integrate and design a systematic visual language of the light box image, from light box scene effects to design details,

to achieve a new brand concept and image upgrade.

LRC currently uses swissQprint printers in the advertising production process.

With a production capacity of 160,000 square meters per month, it is at a leading level in the domestic printing industry 

and has long been committed to providing customers with brand terminal display images. After more than ten years of 

continuous efforts and development, the brand terminal service area covers major shopping malls, shopping centers, event sites, etc.