Window Design

LnLuce, a subsidiary of LRC, designed window works for Hermes in Paris. The design of the work incorporates elements of giraffes, flowers and butterflies, and combines giraffes with boots, bags and silk scarves through interesting product displays to achieve a visual pictogram. At the same time, the application of overall colors makes the vision more artistic.

InLuce, a subsidiary of LRC, designed the window works displayed by DIOR Connexions in Monaco, Munich, Dusseldorf, Prague, and Vienna. The piping design is used to set off the front clothing, and pink elements are used in color to highlight the feminine charm and independent style.

LnLuce, a subsidiary of LRC, designed the window works of DIOR «Niki de Saint Phalle» in Courchevel, Geneva, Prague, Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. The overall picture uses Niki de Saint Phalle's artistic style with gorgeous colors and unique shapes, highlighting the retro style of the 1960s and the season's clothing following the free and casual design concept, which undoubtedly reveals the confident attitude of women.